Thursday, 20 February 2014

Which Is Best – Auction Mobile Phone Or Selling Mobile Phone Directly?

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How to choose the best mobile deal
Click Here To Checkout Mobile Phones Auction & Best Deals 99% of the world’s population is using smart phones now and people are upgrading themselves according the new handsets. With everyday changing trends there are millions of handsets that are ready to get exchanged for cash. Where and how to sell your old handset is not a problem now. With the technology these days there are a number of websites that allow you to sell your mobile phone online.

There are two ways of selling your cell phone online. Either you can post an ad online describing your mobile phone with a clear image and can give a price tag that you want to sell your phone for this particular amount. Anybody who will be interested will contact you directly and you can sell your phone to the respected person. This is a simple hand to hand deal. The other way is placing your used mobile with a short description and an image on an auction website. This is something where you post an ad about your handset and people bid for the product. You have to negotiate with the number of people fighting to grab your mobile phone. Check out for the highest amount and seal the deal with the person ready to give you the highest amount.

There are websites available where you can directly get cash in exchange of your mobile device. This is one of the easiest ways of recycling your used mobile phones for some cash. These websites accept thousands of old and faulty models and pay you cash in hand for your mobile device.

Well one of the best ways for selling your old phones is auction your mobile phone at some good, reputed and reliable auction website. By placing your used handset under auction website you get some best mobile phone deals to make a good decision. If you directly sell your mobile you might not be aware of the actual value of your phone and you might be in loss but by auctioning it you have the chances to gain maximum profits.

When selling your phone on an auction website you have to be very competitive. So before placing your ad you have to check what other mobiles like yours are setting their prices. Once you have decided a price in your mind you need to set the listing, take photo of your phone and set a starting bid. Do not forget to add packaging cost and the postal cost. Some auction websites ask you for fees and some allow you free posting of your ads. When everything is done and finally the product has been sold to the buyer it is your duty to send the product to the buyer by the means you have mentioned in the ad you have posted.

Auction websites offer you a great potential for your products and you can make maximum profits from these websites. They have the best deals to offer.


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